16 Apr

hmm.. i already thought about that. I just dont see it coming to me. Who am I? About me? I’m just new to this blogging stuff. Right now, im practicing step by step tutorial how to make a nice blog, and to know everybody who am i. But for now, I’m very half way of it. Will this be considerable? 🙂 But Ms. Lorelle, thank you for the advice.;) Godbless yah!

Lorelle on WordPress

Articles about blogging tipsWho are you? What do you do? What are you talking about? What will you be talking about? What gives you the right to talk about anything? What are you doing here? Why are you doing it here? Who the hell are you?

These are the many questions I ask myself when I visit a website or blog. I want to know who is the person behind the words, what are their qualifications, why are they bothering to waste their time and mine, and why should I trust anything they have to say.

Don’t you?

If you have a site or blog, take a moment RIGHT NOW to check and see if you have included an About and/or Contact Page on your blog or website. This single page can help people decide whether or not what you have to say is worth of reading and writing about and linking to…

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